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Pregnant and/or Parenting Students

On Campus Resources

TAMUCC Guidelines Concerning Student Pregnancy Under Title IX

TAMUCC-Reaffirmation of Commitment to Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Diversity

Lactation Room: The University Health Center offers a lactation room in Sandpiper, room 201. The room may be used by faculty, staff or students. For more information, contact the Health Center at ext. 2601.


Community Resources

Childcare after Hurricane Harvey

Natural Supports (Family, Friends, Neighbors, or referrals from family and friends)

  1. Find out when/if your daycare will reopen.
  2. Discuss situation with Supervisor/Professors.
  3. Talk with friends, family, neighbors about the situation and to inquire about potential referrals and people they might know who are providing crisis childcare.
  4. Figure out your budget and whether or not you will need to seek financial support in order to pay for crisis childcare.
  5. Look into community resources and supports to cover the cost of housing, food, utilities, and other necessities to offset the cost of childcare.

Formal Supports/Community Resources

  1. Start calling childcare resources that you have been referred to and find out their pricing, availability, and whether or not that have room for your child/children. Are they flexible?
  2. Explain your situation and ask about transferring back to your original childcare when the community stabilizes.
  3. Start calling local childcare facilities. To search licensed centers


State of Texas Resources

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services


National Resources

For information and resources for pregnant and or parenting students from the Department of Education-click here