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I-CARE Workshops and Training

Learn more about I-CARE


If you, your department, college, or student group would like to learn more about I-CARE we have two different I-CARE trainings available through the Office of the Associate Dean of Students. 

Understanding I-CARE Workshop

This workshop is a 45-minute training available to students, staff or faculty members of the A&M Corpus Christi campus community. Click here to view the PowerPoint.

Workshop Content Outline: 

I. What is I-CARE & What is our purpose?

II. Identifying “Students of Concern”

III. How to handle cases involving “immediate threat”

IV. What part does FERPA play in sharing information?

V.  Intervention Strategies

VI. Anonymous Reporting & How to make a referral

VII. What happens after the referral is made?

VIII. Summary & Review of the online reporting system

Managing the Classroom Workshop: Responding to Concerning Behavior

This workshop is a 45-minute training available to students, staff or faculty members of the A&M Corpus Christi campus community. Click here to view the powerpoint.

Workshop Content Outline:

 I.   Classroom Management

  1. What is my role in dealing with student behavior (inside and outside the classroom)?
  2. The Student Code of Conduct & defining disruptive behavior
  3. Disruption vs. Unwanted behavior
  4. Defining disruptive, distressed, disturbed and dysregulated

  II. Preventing Negative Behavior

  1. Outlining class rules & syllabus statement
  2. Making referrals

  III. Addressing Student Behavior

  1. How should I approach a disruptive student?
  2. The Three W’s - When, Where and What are the proper responses to a disruptive student(s)?
  3. What types of activities and behaviors should I address or report?
  4. When to refer a student for disciplinary action?
  5. Do I have the option to remove a disruptive student?
  6. I-CARE

Trainings may be scheduled for various days anytime during normal business operation from 8 a.m.– 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.  You may submit a workshop request by contacting Angela Walker via email at or by phone at 361-825-6219 or ext 6219.